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Dr. Dodds will be introducing NutriScan, novel, patented canine food  
sensitivity and food intolerance diagnostic testing.  This assay system  
utilizes an important new approach in nutrition - that salivary  diagnostics can
more accurately identify the foods to be avoided rather  than focus on those
less like to be reactive.

Dr. Dodds'  revolutionary concept is the first food intolerance and sensitivity  
testing program to match pets with their individual nutritional needs  and
genetic makeup, i.e. functional nutrition or nutrigenomics.  This  provides
owners with accurate information to select the optimal pet  foods and treats
based on high level nutritional principles.

Dr.  Dodds' new Nutriscan saliva screening diagnostics should be used  annually
by dog owners.  This food sensitivity and intolerance diagnostic system tests
saliva for food reactant antibodies in healthy  dogs and those with known or
suspected food intolerance.  Dog owners can  obtain the test kit from Hemopet or
through their veterinarians.  After  following directions, adding saliva, the
kit is sealed and sent to  Hemopet for analysis.Testing protocols are for gluten
and other food  ingredient intolerance and sensitivity.  The primary dietary
antigens to  be tested are corn, wheat, soy, beef, eggs, and milk.Dr. Dodds is
also  developing web-based programs to perpetuate and disseminate her unique  
knowledge in veterinary medicine and science through education.  Her new  book
the "The Canine Thyroid Epidemic", co-authored with Diana  Laverdure, will be
published shortly. Access to Dr. Dodds' diagnostics  program is easy.  
Veterinary clients and pet owners can just use our  OnLine Test Request Form.

Phone 714-891-2022
Fax 714-891-2123
[email protected]
Previous  Testing has typically been based on IgE, IgG, and immune complexes
combined with complement. These tests have high sensitivity but lower  
individual specificity, and only measure more immediate-type reactions.
Newer  Testing can use serum, saliva or feces, with a simple ELISA or other  
immunoassay platform to identify IgG, IgA or immune complexes to foods  in
serum, and IgA or IgM antibodies to foods in saliva. Antibodies to  foods appear
in saliva several months before the animal has a diagnosis  of IBD (inflammatory
bowel disease) or the “leaky gut syndrome”. Saliva  testing can thus reveal the
latent or pre-clinical form of food  sensitivity.
FOOD SENSITIVITY – Future Testing at Three Levels
1.  Saliva Screening Kit: Point-of-Service owner/vet clinic testing. Test  for
salivary IgA and IgM reactants in healthy pets with known or  suspected food
2. Serum Testing Kit: Further vet and laboratory testing.
3. DNA/Micro Array/Heat Map: Identifies pets needing individualized
nutriogenomic foods.
Hemopet  has recently patented this breakthrough diagnostic food sensitivity  
screening, and will offer the testing and diagnostic kit soon.

W. Jean Dodds, DVM
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