Hier kun je al je vragen, problemen en stellingen kwijt met betrekking tot het zelf samenstellen voeding.

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Door spyros legacy
Ik kreeg een mailtje van een bevriende fokker uit NL.

Het gaat over het voeren van zalm.  Ik en nog andere barfers repliceerde al dat wij nog nooit eerder problemen ondervonden.
De mail is in het Engels.  Nu vroeg ze wat meer deskundige uitleg erover.

Iemand die me kan vertellen wat ik haar verder nog kan zeggen als behalve dan dat de vis eerst een tweetal weken in de vriezer moet?


hier dan de mail:

Ok so now the thing that freaked me out and I became worried is that are you saying you are feeding raw salmon to Diva? Won't she get sick, as in get salmon poisoning, what do you call it, I think they do a liver test and there are flukes in dogs that get into raw salmon or trout here? It has been many years since I had experience with this and it was from trout which is of the same family as salmon and our neighbor (in our old house in Portland) had stocked his large pond with trout so he could fish. Well when he cleaned the fish he left fish heads around and unknown to us Rebecca (many years ago) went over and ate some and eventually when she got sick we figured out what happened. She had to be on some medicine. Ok so my worry wart nature is letting you know my worry. Please let me know

Here are a couple of articles. Perhaps the parasite does not occur in your part of the world?? I just want to make sure I gave you my knowledge to be on the safe side for Diva. I am glad you will check with your vet too.

http://www.metpet.com/Reference/Dogs/He ... n_dogs.htm

From this second article it seems to be related to a snail that must be only in the Pacific NW. I was unaware of all this because at the time one of our dogs had it, you couldn't go on the internet and find info so easily. One reason I really love being able to do a search on the internet and find excellent information. So maybe even on the East coast it isn't a problem. I'm going to search a bit more! From reading these articles you can see why I got so excited...it can be very deadly here!
Door Mevroi Kruim
Is een bekend probleem, die 'flukes' komen alleen voor in zalmen uit de Pacific en die voeren wij hier niet, althans niet vers. Ik heb wel eens diepvrieszalm daarvandaan gehad trouwens.
Ben je niet zeker waar de zalm vandaan komt dan mik je het gewoon minstens 10 dagen in de vriezer, dan zijn eventuele flukes zeker dood.

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