Hier kun je al je vragen, problemen en stellingen kwijt met betrekking tot het zelf samenstellen voeding.

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Door obicham
Een tijd geleden was er sprake dat er een gratis update zou komen van een boek van Mogens.
Is die update al geweest en ben ik dus te laat ?
Of moet deze update nog komen ?
Door Netty
oh, ik heb dat van de week ergens op internet gezien..... :-\
er stond een link dat je het kon downloaden....stom ik heb het niet gedaan, het stond in de wacht en ik heb toen de pagina weg geklikt :-[
Door Joshii
De nieuwe update is nog niet geweest, 4 dagen geleden stond dit in de peeing post van Mogens:

Update of "The Wolf's Natural Diet"

In a few days, this update will be uploaded to the web site. It has turned out to become a major project. Based on the feedback we got, I felt a strong need to sharpen the logic of its conclusions. There were too many things about the domestication and its consequences that were not as clear as I wanted them, so I added numerous examples and explanations, plus reorganized and expanded the structure of the last 5 chapters to enhance the step-by-step understanding of the conclusions.

Well, as I have seen before when I do that kind of thing, the result grows... This is also the case here. I think I have added about 70% to the contents - and more than tripled the value, as it is now much more clear what we can and what we cannot conclude about our dogs, using the wolf's example. The conclusions go far beyond the individual dog, and I felt it was important to also draw up the conclusions that follow in regards to breeding.

I have added several new aspects of the domestication process. I am actually quite fascinated with this evolutionary phenomenon, and, in contrast to many prominent researchers, I do not see any major gaps or holes in the process, as we know it. Everything we need to know has a very plausible explanation, rooted in some extremely simple facts - but most often, those facts come from different scientific disciplines. I believe I have made a much clearer picture of this now. And this picture of domestication is very important in order to understand the conclusions in the end.

One of the main conclusions that has now been drawn very distinctively is how a feeding program actually can completely destroy a breed's health, even if you do not see the results right away! I do not think very many breeders are aware of this - but they certainly need to be! And all buyers of puppies need to understand this as well, as this is one of the core conditions that must be satisfied in order to ensure that they get a healthy puppy...

As always when we discuss ethics, I am not the one making other people's decisions. And I have no interest in doing that either. I also have no interest in pointing fingers or calling anybody names for the decisions certain breeders make that might be different from what I would like to see. But I certainly will not abstain from making clear what we can read about their ethics from watching their decisions ... In many cases, it is much more than what they like to have on public display.... When that is the case, then I suggest it is time to change a few things in the priority sequence of the important values - and take the consequences of what we know, instead of denying facts!

I am prepared for taking some hard hits from fashion breeders and other people who do not like to put ethics in place with their financial and personal interests prioritized below regards for the dog's health, but so be it. This book actually begs all breeders and puppy buyers to ask the question, "Why are we breeding dogs, and what do we want those dogs for?" I know - it is not an easy question to answer well. It actually takes that we think carefully about our situation and what our true objectives are. It is the concept of responsible dog ownership in a nut shell.

With this revision, it is past the time of referring to this book as a brief overview of the famous David Mech seminar. It goes way beyond that. As you can understand, it actually does give us all the answers I know people were missing out on at David Mech's seminar! It covers all that stuff David Mech did not cover, but, in order to do that, it also goes far beyond dealing exclusively with modern wild wolves.

As a consequence of this, the price will be raised as soon as the book is finished. All orders for shipment (CD or printed copy) will be shifted to the new version, and those prices have been raised already. The price for a download will be raised as soon as we have the files ready. Because of our policy of free updates in the form of a download to all past customers who bought a certain product, you now have the chance to get the new version at the old price if you get your download from http://k9joy.com/TheWolfsNaturalDiet before we get the new file uploaded and get the web page corrected. If you are too late, you will see the new price on the web site. If you order now, you can just wait for the update to come along in an e-mail in a couple of days...
Door geer
Eh...snap ik het nou goed? Zegt hij nou dat de prijs omhoog gaat? En hoe zit dat dan met al die mensen die al betaald hebben, op de lezingen?
Door Antonia
geer schreef: Eh...snap ik het nou goed? Zegt hij nou dat de prijs omhoog gaat? En hoe zit dat dan met al die mensen die al betaald hebben, op de lezingen?
Ik ontving op 25 april onderstaand bericht:

Dear Tonny,

Mogens Eliasen here - with an an update about the order you
placed with us in February for the Dutch translation of "Raw
Food for Dogs" ("Rauwe voeding voor honden") and the Dutch translation
of "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"
(= "De Natuurlijke Voeding van de Wolf - een Richtlijn voor de
Voeding van de Hond?") . You are
not forgotten! And your payment has not disappeared.

I am sorry for not having contacted you before about this -
but I just did not realize that not everybody would get the
information from "The Peeing Post".... So, you get it directly

We had some problems with the Dutch translation of the
new version. Not because the translator is not doing well,
but because we have overloaded her with way too much
work.... Yes, we have the old version available - and
we could, in principle, send that to you.

HOWEVER, I recently finished a very comprehensive update/revision/expansion of that book. This includes
a lot of information that was not included in the old version.
That update actually makes the book over twice as big!

Because of this, I was not reallyhappy about just
"automatically" burning and shipping you the old version
- it wouldn't be reasonable, when we had the new one
available that I would much rather let you have....

The bad news was that we only have the new version in
English. Here is the good news: Exactly as I hoped, our
translator, Ignit Bekken, just go it all finished! I feel like
celebrating! So, we only have a few technicalities to take
care of in order to have it ready for you on CD, in Dutch.
That should be done in a few days, so you can expect it in a
couple of weeks, if the mailman will let it happen....

As soon as we have it ready, we will send you a link to a
free download of it - and still ship it on CD, as we planned.
We just know from bad experience that the shipping can take
several weeks (because of customs and "terrorist issues"), so
we wanted to "tie you over" and get you started.

As an extra little bonus, a token thank-you for your waiting,
we will be happy to send you a download link also to the
English update - and we can do that right away. Just reply to
this e-mail if you want that, and you will get it immediately.

There will, of course, be no extra charges for any of this.

I trust you will the new version worth waiting for. You actually
get a significantly greater value for your money this way...

See you soon again!


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