Hier kun je artikelen/informatie over medische zaken posten en vinden, dat als naslagwerk kan dienen voor de forumleden. Dit is GEEN vragen of discussie-categorie.

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Misschien 'n beetje vreemd topic,maar kan wel is te pas komen..is wel in 't engels..

Yellow or greenish stool -- indicates rapid transit (small bowel).
Black, Tarry stool -- indicates bleeding in the upper digestive tract.
Bloody stool -- red blood or clots indicate bleeding in the colon.
Pasty, light-colored stool -- indicates lack of bile (liver disease).
Large, gray, rancid-smelling stool -- indicates inadequate
digestion or absorption (malabsorption syndrome).

Watery stool -- indicates small bowel wall irritation (toxins and severe infections).
Foamy stool -- suggests a bacterial infection.
Greasy stool -- often with oil on the air around the anus:
indicates malabsorption.
Excessive mucus -- a glistening or jelly like appearance:
indicates colonic origin.

Odor (the more watery the stool, the greater the odor)
Food like or smelling like sour milk -- suggests both rapid transit and malabsorption.
Putrid smelling -- suggests an intestinal infection.

Several in an hour, each small, with straining -- suggests colitis
Three or four times a day each large -- suggests malabsorption or small bowel disorder.

Condition of Dog
Weight loss, malnutrition -- suggests small bowel disorder.
Normal appetite, minimal weight loss -- suggests large bowel disorder.
Vomiting - small bowel origin, except for colitis.

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