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This article was published as part of the WALTHAM International Nutritional Sciences Symposium Proceedings 2013. This paper was published as part of a supplement to British Journal of Nutrition, publication of which was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Mars Incorporated.
Auteurs: Guido Bosch, Esther A. Hagen-Plantinga and Wouter H. Hendriksa

Nu ben ik extra benieuwd naar de inhoud van het volledige artikel.

Wel grappig dat de kat wel al echt als carnivoor bestempeld wordt. Wauw!
The scientific confirmation of the absence of identical or similar specialised metabolic pathways
has led many scientists to question the once firm carnivorous classification of our domesticated
dogs. This “omnivorous dog dogma” has developed over the past 40 years and has found its way
into authoritative scientific reference books (NRC 2006, Hand, et al., 2010), nutritional concepts
in pet nutrition, and as a general view. Selection and regulation of macronutrient intake by adult
, however, showed a protein:fat:carbohydrate 30:63:7% by energy, indicative of a true carnivorous
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