Hier kun je al je vragen, problemen, informatie kwijt over vaccinaties, parasieten en wormen

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Een tijdje geleden schreef ik iets over de hoeveelheid vaccin die iedere hond kreeg en dat vooral kleine hondjes veel te veel vaccin krijgen. Daar gaan ze in Amerika een onderzoek naar doen.
Crystal Wyse January 31, 2014 at 8:45 AM #
Thank you for this article.A group of Maltese pet parents on a common forum have seen the growing number of adverse reactions for our beloved breed as well as many auto immune issues that we cannot help but think could be linked to over vaccination and improperly dosed vaccinations when compared to that of larger breeds. So as a group we contacted the AHVMF to ask if any study was being done on basing vaccines on body mass. Sadly there was not. But after speaking with Drs. Palmquist, Scanlan and Dodds, they agreed that a study should be done and Dr. Dodds has agreed to do a pilot study. We are currently trying to raise funds for the pilot study which has been estimated at $5000. If there is any way you would be willing to help spread the word about this study, it would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps it would be ok with you to use your article to also help spread the word about this study?
Here is a link to the the Foundation where you can read more about this report. as well as read the Small breed small dose grant application Summary. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!

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